About Heartprints Collection

In 2007, the Heartprints concept was born in the mind of its creative founder, Brent DeNure. Originally conceived as an ideal gift between husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend or mother and child the line has morphed to encompass the end of life experience as well as a memorial to a beloved pet.

The unique nature of Heartprint allows us to reproduce almost anything in precious metal. The fingerprint of a loved one, a picture of a cherished pet or a faithful reproduction of a seven year old’s message in his or her own handwriting are all within our scope. If you, the client can envision it, Heartprints can probably reproduce it on an appropriate piece of jewellery.


The Heartprint I received is truly a very emotional and overwhelming gift. It means so much to constantly have a piece of my children close. Pierrette

After years of marriage, my wife frequently tells me the Heartprint I gave her is by far the most heartfelt gift I could have offered her. Matthew